Floggin Logging General Terms & Conditions of Sales

The following terms and conditions govern all sales of Floggin Logging products and materials, whether made pursuant to oral, written or online orders.


Acceptance by Floggin Logging is expressly made conditional upon assent by buyer to all terms and conditions below and on the face hereof. The buyer’s receipt of this acknowledgment without prompt written objection shall constitute acceptance by the buyer of all terms and conditions set forth within, and the order may not be cancelled after acceptance without the consent of the Floggin Logging.


Payment is due on making online order. In the event that payment is not made, Floggin Logging reserves the right to cancel the order. Where a delivery charge applies, buyers agree to pay the maximum delivery charges by cash on delivery day.


The prices set forth on the face hereof are the prices at which such goods were being shipped on the date this order was entered. The price includes 13.5% VAT.


This is a shipment contract. Floggin Logging reserves the right to designate the routing on all shipments. Floggin Logging will attempt to honour but will not guarantee requested shipping or delivery dates.


As a statement of general policy concerning customer satisfaction on consumer goods, Floggin Logging believes its goods are as described and free from defects. Floggin Logging makes no written warranty as to such goods other than as set forth on the label or other written materials accompanying such goods. Floggin Logging shall not be liable under the printed warranties if any loss or damage is caused by improper application or use of the goods, or if the goods are not applied and used under applicable building codes.


Delay in delivery or non delivery in whole or in part by Floggin Logging shall not be a breach of this agreement if performance is made impracticable by the occurrence of one or more of the following contingencies, the nonoccurrence of which is a basic assumption on which the agreement is made: (a) Fires, floods, or other casualties; (b) Wars, riots, civil commotion, embargoes, governmental regulations; (c) Floggin Logging’s ability to obtain necessary materials (finished or otherwise) from its usual sources of supply; (d) Shortages of cars or trucks or delays in transit; (e) Existing or future strikes or other labour troubles affecting production or shipment whether involving employees of the Floggin Logging or employees of others and regardless of responsibility or fault on the part of the employer; and (f) Other contingencies of manufacture or shipment, whether or not of a class or kind mentioned herein, not reasonably within Floggin Logging’s control.


Any claim defect in material has to be notified on delivery. Floggin Logging takes no responsibility thereafter.


This writing is intended by the parties as a final expression of their agreement and is intended also as a complete statement of the terms and conditions of their agreement which can be modified or rescinded only by a writing signed by either parties.